Monday, 2 September 2013

A Puppy

After Lena's sustained lobbying efforts for the past couple of years, including Kate's more recent participation, we finally knuckled under and bought a puppy:  a golden doodle we've named Mango.  As the picture below shows, she's got a pretty irresistible face, and a very sweet disposition, which is a good thing because less than a day after we got her home, I was wanting to get rid of her.


I was not raised with animals.  My mother was afraid of them.  So, with my lack of experience I didn't appreciate fully what we were getting into.  I wasn't prepared for the rather euphemistic "accidents" all over the carpet that has already been ravaged by two cats vomiting, coughing up hairballs and occasionally pooping on it as well as three humans who can't seem to walk two feet without slopping their coffee, tea, pop all over the place.   I wasn't prepared for the barking and whining when we put her in her crate.  I am assured, though, that she will be trained out of this and that can't come soon enough for me.

Though I can't honestly say at this point I don't regret the decision, I do recognize the benefits.  A couple of weeks ago we dog-sat the neighbours' golden doodle and that went well.  Lily was house broken, obedient and affectionate and we all loved having her around.  Mango is a nice, friendly dog, and seems to be fitting in well with the family and as much as she's driving me crazy - really driving me crazy - the following picture makes me smile and will hopefully give me the will to stay with it a little longer.  Best of friends.

Lena and Mango