Monday, 27 January 2014

Ten Things People do to Piss Me Off

I am trying to be a more tolerant and happy person.  Nevertheless, people insist on doing things that piss me off.  Here is a top ten of sorts:

  1. Texting while driving.
  2. Parking in a handicap spot without a permit just because someone is too damn lazy to walk an extra 20 yards.
  3. Leaving a grocery cart in a parking spot because someone is just too damn lazy to walk an extra 20 yards to put it where it's supposed to go (I do make exceptions for the aged and infirm).
  4. Writing in library books.
  5. Playing your music too loud, speaking too loud too late at night (repeat offenders mostly) - you don't live on an island.
  6. Blowing YOUR snow into MY driveway.
  7. Not saying "thank you" when I hold the door open for you and not getting "The Wave" when I let you in in traffic when I didn't have to.
  8. L'office de la langue francaise (and yes - I omitted the squiggly little accent under the "c" just to piss YOU off).
  9. Cashiers yapping to each other instead of paying attention to ME, the paying customer, and making sure they're not scanning things twice and putting my four litres of pop on top of my loaf of bread and carton of eggs.
  10. Big oil, big finance, big insurance and big telecom.
As explanation for this venom, I can only say I didn't sleep well at all last night.


Geoffy Bubbles


  1. Most of these piss me off too. Whether I've had enough sleep or not.

    I hope your day gets better!

    1. I would have hoped things were, well, sunnier (i.e. less pissy offy) in California.

  2. Library books?What's a library book?

    1. Is this my brother leaving a comment?

  3. #7 is a big one for me, Geoff! It actually annoys me SO much when people don't acknowledge my standing there - waiting and politely holding the door - that I have started saying, "You're WELCOME!!" very help them get a clue. Ha ha!! ;-)

    1. Careful, Sonia - these little acts of frustration directed at the oblivious can quickly escalate and the next thing you know the front page of the Ottawa Sun will have pictures of you with a coat over your head being led by police into the courthouse (though I can't imagine a jury of your true peers convicting you for ripping the head of some inconsiderate twerp.). The neighbours will offer the obligatory "She was such a nice woman, good mother. Always said hello."

    2. Ha ha!! Actually, I think the inconsiderate twerps are so self-absorbed that they don't even catch my not-so-subtle comment on their lack of manners. When you're dealing with people of that calibre, you're pretty safe to bet they don't know what's hit them. ;-)

    3. Too true. I find I hang onto these encounters and let them fester while they could care less. Carrie Fisher wrote in one of her books something along the lines of "Resentment is like you drinking the poison and hoping the other person dies." I really need to let go of these things....