Monday, 20 February 2012

Project 52 Update

An even slower than normal week.  I continue to read a couple of books about guitars and learning guitar and continue to practice guitar.  A lot of guitar.  And I thought I'd be able to learn Stairway to Heaven within a few months.  My guitar instructor disabused me of that notion on Saturday.  Not an easy tune to play.

I have also signed up for the A-Z Challenge and have drafted seven posts for that.  I need to be finished all the posts before it starts on April 1, otherwise, I don't think I'll be able to succeed.

I've also lost another pound.

That's about all.  See you with next week's update.



  1. I am really keen on how this project works for you. It strikes me that you are already getting down on yourself in anticipation of not achieving milestones. I expect at the end you might be disappointed, when truly you will likely have achieved much more as a result of the challenge than if you hadn't undertaken it. Maybe I am reading you wrong, but each post seems increasingly apologetic. Maybe a part of this challenge is occasional "resets", to appreciate what you have accomplished and adjusting the path forward to compensate. Otherwise it seems that you may end up carrying a growing monkey on your back for 51 weeks?

    1. Thanks, Paul. I don't think I'm getting down on myself, though I can see your point. I am where I am right now. I'm just having a hard time getting things done and my prioirities have changed. This won't be a monkey - I'll get done what I get done. And you're right, I've probably gotten more done than if I didn't have the list and I recognize that.

  2. WOW - Another pound - holy crap dude! Well done!

  3. The point is that you're still working at it. That's great!

    I'm sorry there wasn't a link up this week. My long weekend took precedence.

  4. Long weekends always will and always should take precedence.