Monday, 13 February 2012

Project 52: Week Six Update

Ongoing progress on the guitar front - we can now play the first few bars of Ode to Joy, and will be working on our G and C chords so we can play harmony for each other.

Reading a couple of good books from my personal library.  The first, which I have been plugging away at for a while is Joonathan Kellerman's bit of guitar porn, With Strings Attached:  The Art and Beauty of Vintage Guitars.  Kate also pointed out to me a great little book called Guitar Zero:  The New Musician and the Science of Learning, an awesome book written by a cognitive psychologist who uses his own experience learning the guitar to talk about what a happens to a person's brain as he or she learns an intrument.  A fascinating book perfect for the layman whose interests lie with either music or neuroscience.

I have also made some progress on losing weight.  I've shed about three pounds in the last couple of weeks.  Only 35 more to go!

And that's all for this past week.  I hope I can get a little more done in the coming week.


  1. You really are doing great, Geoff!

    My choir is learning Ode to Joy in German. I never realized there were words to it.