Monday, 12 March 2012

Project 52: Week of March 5

I very nearly had nothing to update on, save for our ongoing guitar lessons, which are getting increasingly difficult, by the way, until my good friend The Doberman came for a visit yesterday.  His wasn't just an ordinary visit, though.  He came bearing gifts.

The Doberman is a kindred spirit who, like me, has eclectic interests and big dreams.  We both live in Ottawa, Ontario - a city of about a million people.  Once we were at a hockey game and I was mentioning to him a cool book I got out of the library (somewhat ominously entitled Backyard Ballistics).  Turns out, he had the book out and had to return it because I had requested it.  We are in synch on a lot of things.

Not surprisingly, he likes my Project 52 list and being a world-class good guy has offered his assistance, which brings me to his gift-bearing visit.  He brought over some of his lovely wife's luscious baked goods (for which we can't thank her enough) and a book of 101 things to build on a weekend.  But these have nothing to do with my list.  Where he helped me out was item 18 - shoot a rocket.  He brought over two rocket kits!  He has some of his own and all the other necessary paraphernalia needed to launch.  So guess what we're going to do sometime this spring?  I'm almost giddy with excitement. Stay tuned for the launch.

Thanks again, Doberman, for your generosity.  I've said it before and will say it again, you're a mensch!

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  1. That is SO exciting!

    This is why it's so beneficial to share our plans with others. You never know who will turn up out of nowhere and offer to help. People get really excited about it.