Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Shop Reno

My shop is a little disorganized.  Too many tools and not enough places to put them so I end up tripping over a lot of them.  Another consequence is that I often have a hard time finding the tool that I need.  So I am undertaking a remodel of my shop.  Fine Woodworking magazine puts out an annual "Tools and Shops" issue around Christmastime devoted to - you guessed it - tools and shops.  A number of good ideas to consider. 

My first project will be putting up a tool wall.  I will fasten some horizontal battens to the wall and then hang a sheet of plywood off the battens and build custom tool hangars and racks to hold my tools.  Next I will build a workstation for my drill press with a cabinet underneath to hold my drilling-related paraphenalia.  Another quick project will be to build tool storage under my bench.  That will be a good start and hopefully I can achieve some results in the next few months.

Below are some pictures of my shop as it is now.  Stay tuned for some "after" shots as I complete some of the projects.


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