Saturday, 21 December 2013

Favourite Christmas CDs

When Kate and I started going out, I started a tradition of buying her a Christmas CD or two before the holidays.  We have amassed in the neighbourhood of 40 CDs (which I thought was a good collection, but my old high school friend Donald has over a hundred.  I bow before the master).

I really like the choral Christmas music, but we have a number of Jazzy ones that I really like.  So, out of our collection, I picked the ones I like the most and which get the most play time every year:

The best version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" ever recorded.  We've seen Holly Cole in concert many times over the years and she usually comes to Ottawa around Christmastime, so we have a special regard for her CD.
Great jazz CD from a modern master.  Ave Maria is a Christmas fave and, though usually performed by opera singers, I think Harry does it best.
A nice choral selection.

Mellow, new-agey.

Can anything be more classic than Bing singing carols?
To me music is as much, or more, a part of the season as turkey and stuffing.  These are my favourite CDs.  I could easily have added ten more, but these are the ones I would want to have with me on that mythical desert isle.
Would love to hear what your favourites are.

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