Monday, 9 December 2013

The Battle of the Bulge

Since I last wrote about my quest to shed a few pounds way back in July, progress has been somewhat slower than I would have hoped.  Nonetheless, when I stepped on the scale yesterday I was down to 198 lbs. from 206.  Further, I have lost about five and a half inches from around my waist since April 2012, so my spare tire is more sized for a Honda Civic now rather than for a backhoe.

I spent the summer running, working my way up to between 7 and 8 kilometers.  Unfortunately, a persistent groin injury coupled with poorly plowed streets have forced me to hang up the shoes for the winter.  I have rejoined the gym, though, and have been going fairly faithfully and I am trying to add strength training to my routine.  My goal as we enter the "Fat Season" (a.k.a. Christmas) is to stay under 200lbs.  If I can manage that into the new year, I will see if I can launch an attack on 190 lbs.

Snacking at night continues to be my Achilles heel - as much to do with boredom than hunger.  I will try noshing on more veggies than my usual high-fat go-tos.  If only carrots tasted like cookies...

Anyway, a self-indulgent post, but I keep hoping it will motivate me to stay the course.

Cheers to all.

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