Thursday, 13 November 2014

Making Models and Knitting

My original purpose in starting my blog was to chronicle my attempts at trying a variety of handcraft and DIY projects in areas that were both new to me or where I had at least some experience.  From my very first post, though, my intent was subverted by other issues and events in my life and has taken a largely different direction.  That's fine with me but I do like to do the occasional post related to my original idea.  So, Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to tackle two projects:

A few years ago, my wife, Kate, and daughter, Lena, bought me a plastic scale model to do.  A couple of days ago, I dusted off the box and have since began gathering the tools I'll need to get started. I haven't done one since I was a kid, so I'm looking forward to getting going on this.

A scale model of the USS Hancock CV-19, an American WW II-era
aircraft carrier.

The other craft I will be trying my hand at will be knitting.  I know, not a very macho hobby to pick up, but I've long since passed the age where I cared what other people think about my interests and past-times.  I have to admit, though, that knitting isn't overly interesting to me but I partly feel an obligation to learn because my grandfather was reputed to have been handy with a pair of knitting needles - out of necessity.  Also, just this morning Kate was reading one of the cancer blogs she follows that cited and summarized a number of studies that show positive impacts of knitting on mood and health.  So, I am curious to see if a pair of needles and ball of yarn can accomplish what dozens of very expensive cocktails of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, mood stabilizers, stimulants and sleeping pills have been unable to.  I have to be honest, though, that I tried to learn under Kate's tutelage, after I quit smoking more than 15 years ago.  Let's just say that experience was less than relaxing for all involved.  But I'll give it a better try this time around.

A knitted throw Kate has picked up again after it lying neglected for
more than 15 years.  Something for me to aim for.

So, stay tuned as I delve into these projects.

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