Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day, 2014

I try to honour Canada's veterans every year on November 11 - and on other days.  I think most reading this know why we take the time - many of us for the same reasons and many of us for our own personal reasons.  Many of us know people who have served, who are serving and who have given their lives while serving.  The following are past blog posts about my Grandfather who served as part of the Australian Imperial Force in WW I, and who served at home as part of the Veterans Guard of Canada.  Also one post about my Uncle Steve who was killed in action in 1945,  My mother's brothers, Bill, Mike and Peter Kazuke all also served in various Canadian regiments during WW II.

Alfred Burrows WW I

Alfred Burrows in The Veterans Guard of Canada

Stephen Kazuke

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