Monday, 17 November 2014

The Winter Doldrums

I have a confession to make.  I hate winter.  The season just sucks the life right out of me.  Every flake of snow I see falling from the sky fills me with dread.  As I write this on November 17, I am looking out my window watching it come down.  Snow, to me, makes everything more difficult - driving, running, shopping, walking.  And during the winter, the snow seems to come just about every day.  Thankfully, we pay someone to clear our driveway, but I still have to shovel our walkway, keep a path clear to the back yard, shovel the deck so we can get the dog in and out and when we get less than 5 cms, I still have to scrape down the driveway.

Throw into the mix the idiot that clears the snow next door and who sees absolutely no problem with blowing the snow into my driveway and the problem is even worse.  Last year, I went out to ask him not to and he flipped his lid, which caused me to flip mine.  So, this has just led to further stress at a time when our family has enough to deal with.  So, the prospect of having to deal with him is provoking no small amount of anxiety.

Many have suggested I take up skiing or snowshoeing.  But to me, that's like suggesting someone with a severe allergy to dogs to work as a pet groomer.  I seem to remember as a kid in suburban Montreal that we would be afflicted with some winters where a lot of snow fell, but I also seem to remember a lot of winters with sparse snowfall.  Since moving to Ottawa, though, we seem to get snow just about every day.

When the days start getting shorter, I also seem to suffer profoundly from a lack of energy.  As bad as it is with the depression, the problem seems much worse during the winter.  During my runs, I feel like stopping and just lying down in the middle of the street for a snooze.  My limbs feel like they're made of lead.  The expression "tired to the bone" resonates.

On the upside, Christmas comes in the winter and our little girl's enthusiasm for the season is very infectious.  She seemed to shift into Christmas mode last week and her mood is starting to rub off a little bit.  I hope I can hang onto that for another month and a half to keep things at least a little manageable.

Well, the snow is piling up, I better think about going out with the scraper and keep things neat.  Hope to see you all in the Spring.


  1. I live in Southern California and I hate winter. But then, I did spent a year in Montreal and six in Utah, so I do know what winter is all about. And I hate it. I wish it was spring all year around.

    1. I shuold have been born in Southern California....

  2. Hang in there, Geoff - it can be a tough season for so many people! I wasn't too excited to see the snow yesterday, either - but Lily was soooo happy about it that a little of her enthusiasm started to wear off on me! Kids tend to have that effect, don't they? Tomorrow my girls plan to build "Snowman Beach" in our backyard - complete with stripey beach towels. Ahh, to see the world through such rose-coloured glasses! :-)

    1. Kids are awesome. Kate and I were just telling Lena tonight how everything is a million times more fun with her around. Indeed, I enjoyed my childhood, but wish I could do it over again so I could REALLY savour it. Snowman Beach sounds like such a grand idea - make sure the girls whip up some fruity drink with little umbrellas and maybe a little shot o' something for mom and dad.