Monday, 9 January 2012

Project 52: Week 1 Update

I'm finding Project 52 quite a motivating endeavour and I have made some progress during my first week:

2.  Buy and learn how to play guitar with my daughter, the Bean - learn to play, wait for it, Stairway to Heaven (remember the scene in Wayne's World?):   Guitars bought, enrolled for lessons.  I'll be strumming those soulful notes in no time.

4.  Get into shape to run 10K:  I have begun exercising again, using mostly my Nordic Track ski machine, which, in case you're interested, provides a super workout.

6.  Make a cane:  Shaped the main body of the cane out of a piece of ash I had.

39:  Go to one of Shaun's bonfires:  Done.  Shaun and his wife Sue were delightful hosts.  The Bean and I enjoyed it very much.


  1. You are off to such a great start! I hope you will continue to find motivation in this. We're trying our best.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I wish you strength, luck and motivation in meeting your goals, as well.