Monday, 30 January 2012

Project 52:Week 4 Update

Well, incremental progress.  I finally finished the book on the history of libraries.  It was a light, though dry, read.  I would recommend it for the bibliophile, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.  I also continue to work my way through Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw.  As I have mentioned before, this feels contrived - written because he needs the money rather than out of any artistic compulsion.  Nonetheless, I will continue to read it until the end for the rare morsel that pleases the palate of the mind.

I have also made modest progress on my cane.  I have formed the tenon onto which the cane head will fit, so now I am ready to epoxy the cane head and tip onto the body.  I'll try to get that done in time for the next Project 52 update.

I have also read and understood the pattern for my lounge pants, and will hopefully begin the real work in the coming week.

Sadly, my commitment to lose 35 lbs. has not gone according to plan.  Indeed, I can't seem to conquer the Freudian trap of soothing my wounded psyche with oral comfort.  I have gained three pounds in the month since I fashioned my plans to shed unwanted weight.  I have to muster up some energy to get more exercise and get my eating under control.

Look forward to hearing from other Project 52-ers on their progress.



  1. "... The Freudian trap of soothing my wounded psyche with oral comfort." Didn't really think this one through did you? You sound like Truman Capote after a successful visit to a prison.

  2. You're making some great progress, Geoff!

    I know what you mean about that wounded psyche thing. Derails everything.