Monday, 16 January 2012

Project 52 Week 2 Update

Sadly, this has been a slow week on the project 52 front.  Now that the holidays are done, Kate's and my medical appointments are ramping back up again, leaving little time for anything else.  Having said that, here are some areas where I've chipped away a bit:

2.  Buy and learn how to play guitar with my daughter, the Bean - learn to play, wait for it, Stairway to Heaven (remember the scene in Wayne's World?):   The Bean and I had our first lesson this past Saturday with Jessie.  We learned how to play some scales and played around with the E-minor chord, playing rhythm for Jessie while she played harmony.  I'm already channelling Jimmy Page.

8.  Learn how to sew and sew a couple of projects: I've bought the pattern and material for a pair of loungie-pants.

20.  Read 10 of the unread books on my bookshelves:  I am currently reading two books.  One book I am reading is With Strings Attached:  The Art and Beauty of Vintage Guitars, by psychologist, author and guitar aficionado Jonathan Kellerman.  I will write a little more about this book in a future blog post.  It is sumptuously illustrated and written.  Another book I am making my way through is The Library:  An Illustrated History, by Stuart A. P. Murray.  This is an okay book, but not as good as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, I will continue reading it until done, because that's just what I do.  Finally, I am attempting to get through Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw.  On the whole a disappointing read.  I really enjoyed Kitchen Confidential and A Cook's Tour, but this latest instalment is like week-old cold leftovers that the dog even turns its nose up at.  Bourdain has nothing new to say.  He offers an apology for selling out, and I'm afraid this book is just another example of him doing it.  It feels contrived and insincere.  I am a few chapters in and will reserve final judgement to the end, but not off to a great start, I'm afraid.

Well, that's it for this week.  I look forward to trolling other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.  See everyone next week.


  1. Sounds like you're off to a good start. You have a lengthy list a I suspect it will take time to work through the items. Progress is progress. Regarding the books. I suffered for the "I started this book and I'm going to finish it" syndrome too. I finally realized that they're are too many good books to read to spend time reading the bad ones. You gave it a shot, the book sucks, put it down and move on to the next one. Reading should be enjoyable and not a chore. I suggest you revise your list and make the item "Enjoy reading ten book from my bookshelf."
    And that's my 2cents worth. Darren.

  2. You are off to a great start!

    It's not about finishing something every single week, so much as working on something. And you are doing a great job of working on your goals.