Monday, 23 January 2012

Project 52: Week 3 Update

Some slow and steady progress on my goals:

6.  Make a cane:  I continued work on the cane I am making from a piece of ash.  I am doing this completely by had.  I have roughed out the shape of the cane and it is a bit thicker that I would like, so I have decided to carve an ivy and floral pattern into it.  I have also tapered one end to accept the cane tip and have began forming the tenon for the handle.

20.  Read 10 of the unread books on my bookshelves:  I am making progress on my history of libraries and am now about half way through.  I am also reading an e-book by Kathy Reichs called Spider Bones.  I'm beginning to find her books tiresome and am not sure I'll bother reading any more.  One aspect of her books that really bothers me as an anglophone from the Montreal area is her gratuitous use of French in ways that anglos never do.  Downtown Montreal is downtown, not the centreville she uses.  Salle 4 is Room 4.  Rue Ste. Catherine is Ste. Catherine Street or just plain old Ste. Catherine.  Anyway, I've nearly put that one to bed.

That's it for week 3.


  1. You are really off to a great start, Geoff. I hope you'll share pictures of that cane when it's finished.

  2. I enjoyed her first book - there was a part about her taking the 2 and 20 heading somewhere. She made a comment that no anglophone can tell you where the name of 2 and 20 came from when it's really highway 20. I asked my parents after reading this, and they couldn't tell me either. As long as they could remember, it's been called the 2 and 20.

  3. Maureen, It was stretch of highway that was shared by highway 2 and highway 20, so it actually was both highway 2 and 20. I liked her first coupole of books because I enjoyed seeing references to the landmarks I know so well. As I say, though, her french usage is not terribly authentic. Thanks, Karen, I will be posting a couple of blog posts on the cane. I wish you ongoing success with your goals, too.