Thursday, 19 April 2012


I know it has been just a couple of days since I wrote about noise pollution, and now I'm writing a little bit about quiet.  The whole issue has become a bit of a hobby horse for me.  I am amazed how difficult escaping the din of humanity is.  Sometimes, I don't want to even hear anything of the natural world.  I would like to be able escape to absolute quiet.  But I'm not convinced many such places exist.


  1. I almost wrote about quiet for today. I'm like you. Sometimes I really need the quiet. I love it. I love to turn off the radio and drive home without any sound. Just relaxing into my evening and having time to think.

  2. It's a bit weird (and disconcerting) when you do experience absolute quietness, isn't it? I think I've only been about to find it a handful of times in my life so far.

  3. Oh, those places 'do' exist. We live in the country and if the TV and radio are off, outside all you hear are the sounds of nature and the distant drone of the traffic across the lake.
    That kind of Quiet is great, especially when experienced on a Summer's evening from the front porch swing. Visiting on the A to Z Challenge. I did Question, with a twist.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  4. The closest I come is when I go camping. If there aren't too many others campers around, it is actually very calming! :)

  5. Thank you all for commenting. I was at the Canadian Library and Archives yesterday and that's the quietest place I've been in a long time. The only sound I could hear was the air exchanger and the occassional flip of a page. Not perfect, but pretty good for a place with people around. A friend reminded of some of the caves we've been in - that is quiet.