Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Aging Hipsters

Yesterday I had to bring the Swagger Wagon in to the tire shop because I had a slow leak in one of the tires (rear passenger, if that kind of detail excites you).  While waiting for the work to be done (turns out I had a screw lodged in the tread, which is kinda funny, because when I realized we had a problem I thought, "man, we're screwed"), a couple who each looked older than my 44 years walked in dressed like a couple of sixteen-year olds.  While they sat and waited, they even had that sulky look of teenage malaise about them, and they seemed more intent on their phones than each other, not unlike teenagers.

Pathetic?  Yes.  Smackable?  Again, yes.

PS - I remember I was in the same shop once and the guy in line ahead of me was telling an employee that the latch for his trunk was broken and that he had to stick his finger in the hole and pull.  I told them that sounded a lot like my last trip to the doctor for my annual physical.  Much hilarity ensued but that has nothing to do with aging hipsters...


  1. This had me wondering, whatever happened to the 'emo' crowd? Do they exist, or have they disappeared with the emergence of hipsters?

    1. I do not know. In fact, I am so out of tune with popular culture - with occasional embarrassing consequences - I never knew such a thing as "emo" existed.