Monday, 10 June 2013

One Reason Why I Love Hockey

I should say at the outset that I like soccer.  My daughter plays and two of my nieces are elite players.  But I love hockey and hockey players.  The first video is a compilation of soccer players faking or exaggerating injury and the footage speaks for itself.

The second video, though, is footage of Boston Bruins centre, Gregory Campbell in Game 3 of the NHL's Eastern Conference finals.  The video shows Campbell going down to block a 90 mph slapshot by Pittburgh Penguin Evgeni Malkin.  This clip shows all that's great about the game of hockey and so many of the players in NHL.  Campbell suffers a broken leg in blocking the shot, but he remains on the ice for 40 seconds to help kill the penalty - getting in shooting lanes to potentially block more shots, using his stick to block passes, limping off the ice (and out of the playoffs, as it turns out) only after the puck is cleared from the defensive zone and the penalty is done.  Tough.  What a warrior.  If I were one of the guys in the soccer video, I would be ashamed.

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  1. Soccer and hockey are two sports that never could capture my interest. Give me a baseball game and I'm a happy girl.